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Title: Graduation Day ... Part 3?
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Xander Harris/Dawn Summers
Disclaimer: The usual. Not my characters. Joss Whedon's characters. Copyrights and all that fun stuff.
Rating: PG
Summary: It's been two years since the Hellmouth was destroyed, and Xander and Dawn realise they have to see each other. (200 words)

Dawn had always liked Xander. Ever since she met him when she first moved to Sunnydale.

Except she hadn't. The monks who created her put that memory in her head; made her believe she had a crush on Xander; made Xander believe she had a crush on Xander.

She had never had a choice.

Now she was grown up, with five full years of newly formed human memories to guide her. She knew Xander would be at her graduation. She was looking forward to seeing him. Even counting on it. Dreaming about it.

And now, she did have a choice.
Xander watched Dawn grow up - at least he thought he had. He definitely witnessed the past five years. Five years in which he saw Dawn progress from being a bratty little kid to a confident and beautiful young woman.

Beautiful. He'd never even noticed before. Maybe it was that the world was always ending or that because she was Buffy's little sister, he'd viewed her as his own little sister.

But now she was definitely her own person. Not anyone's little sister; not anyone's mystical key. She was graduating from high school.

And he knew he had to be there.


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